Denver IRS Tax Lawyers – Tax Litigation

Denver IRS Tax Lawyers – Tax Litigation

U.S. Tax Court

The most common reason taxpayers petition the Tax Court is to dispute a proposed deficiency in income tax. The IRS will assert a deficiency in income tax if they examine a taxpayer’s return and think that the return understates tax liability.  For practical reasons, most taxpayers use the Tax Court for deficiency determinations so that they do not have to first pay the amount in dispute.  The Colorado Tax Attorneys at Dennis M. Lanphier, P.C. represent clients through all phases of a tax controversy, including litigation in Tax Court.

U.S. District Court

Taxpayers may also choose to litigate a tax dispute in U.S. District Court.  However, to do this, the taxpayer must first pay the taxes owed, claim a refund with the IRS, and if denied, the taxpayer may then file a complaint in U.S. District Court.  U.S. District Court is the only forum where a taxpayer may have a jury trial.  The Denver Tax Attorneys at Dennis M. Lanphier, P.C. can help you determine which forum is best suited to your case, and provide you with effective representation to resolve your tax controversy.

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