When you are both a US Resident and Non-Resident in the Same Year

If you are not a citizen of the United States but are establishing residency in the US, you will have a “dual status” tax year.  Additionally, you may have another dual status tax year at whatever point you leave the U.S.  Filing a tax return for a dual status tax year can be confusing.  Actually, it consists of preparing two separate returns (a Form 1040-NR and a Form 1040) and attaching one form to the other for filing.  There can be further complications determining which income was derived before and after your period of residency was established.

If you have a dual status tax year, allow us to assist you in preparing this complicated filing.  Through our close association with Lanphier LLP, a full service CPA firm of which Dennis Lanphier is also a partner, we will  walk you through the process and ensure you are fully compliant with your obligations as a US resident.

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