Dennis M. Lanphier, Esq., CPA, LL.M., is an experienced business attorney and certified public accountant who can assist you in structuring a transaction to realize maximum benefits while minimizing both tax liability and business risk.   We will provide you with solid alternatives for achieving your business goals and discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of each.  The following is a non-exhaustive list of the tax issues we can help you plan for –

  • Capital gains treatment;
  • Tax deductions;
  • Separation and divorce;
  • Tax deferred income;
  • Choosing a business entity;
  • Business operations;
  • Purchase or sale of part of a business organization;
  • Purchase or sale of an entire business;
  • Corporate taxation;
  • Partnership taxation;
  • Qualified Business Income Deduction;
  • Estate and gift taxation;
  • Cryptocurrency taxation;
  • Inbound international taxation;
  • Outbound international taxation;
  • Expat Taxation;
  • New US Residents Taxation;
  • Foreign Investment in the US; and
  • Dual Status Taxpayers.

Additionally, through our close association with Lanphier LLP, a full service CPA firm of which Dennis Lanphier is also a partner, we can assist you with comprehensive tax and accounting advisory services and compliance needs.